How E-Cells Contribute To The Growth Of Entrepreneurs

E-Cells also called Entrepreneurship Cells are entrepreneurship promoting organizations that aim to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with insights and real-life business experience.

An E-Cell provides 

  • Awareness among aspiring entrepreneurs regarding entrepreneurship
  • Programs on Entrepreneurship Enabling Skills
  • Procedures, and legalities of setting up a business
  • Various Schemes By Government for Businesses
  • How to approach Investors
  •  Workshops related to- how to prepare business plans, marketing strategies, etc

How E-Cells Contribute To The Growth Of Entrepreneurs

E-Cell aims at providing aspiring entrepreneurs with real-life business experiences and insights about the entrepreneurship world.

E-Cells In India

In a country like India, where entrepreneurs are launching new ideas regularly, E-Cells holds significant importance. Many colleges now have E-Cells to help young entrepreneurs grow their startups.

Here is the list of top E-Cells in India

E-Cell IIT BombayE-Cell IIT KharagpurE-Cell, IIT Delhi E-Cell IIT KanpurE-Cell IIT Madras, etc.

Some Major Achievements and events by these E-Cells are

  • E-Cell IIT Bombay has successfully established 150+ e-cells across 80 cities in India.
  • E-Cell IIT Kharagpur conducts a lot of activities for the benefit of students, such as Global entrepreneurship summits, Global entrepreneurship conferences, startup fairs, etc.
  • E-Cell IIT Kanpur organizes events like E-summits, Tedx, NNSC, E-factors, etc. to convert the burning entrepreneurial ideas into actions. It has also been a part of success stories of ventures such as Myntra, Infosys, Inmobi,, etc.
E-Cells and Entrepreneurs
E-Cell And Entrepreneurship

Benefits Of Joining E-Cells For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

E-Cells contribute to the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with an entrepreneurial atmosphere. And when you have the right kind of influence around you, you can learn and improve a lot.

Following are the benefits you can have by joining an E-Cell.

  1. Increase in Entrepreneurial Knowledge
  2. Improved Business Skills
  3. Increase In Network
  4. Learn From Others
  5. Professionalism

1. Increase in Entrepreneurial Knowledge

Your entrepreneurial knowledge can grow exponentially by joining an E- Cell. You can learn things like how to start a venture, the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), What to look for in a co-founder, etc.

2. Improved Business Skills

E-Cell provides the right atmosphere for entrepreneurs to work on and grow their idea. You can learn important business skills like leadership, time management, financial planning, negotiation, research, etc. So by joining an E-Cell, you can improve your business skills.

3. Increase In Network

Business operates on meaningful connections. In an E-Cell, you can learn how to network with people around you. Also, networking provides you an advantage over others.

4. Learn From Others

Since everybody in the E-Cell belongs to the Entrepreneur Community, you can learn a lot about entrepreneurship from them. You can learn about things like common business mistakes entrepreneurs make, how to form a team, conceptual skills, technical skills, etc.

5. Professionalism

Professionalism refers to your behavior, demeanor, and attitude towards someone in a business environment. Working with entrepreneurs on ventures helps you attaining professionalism.

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