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Much like a new-born, a startup needs nourishment right from its inception. It all starts with an idea-a thought that has the potential to grow into something productive. In the long run,as a company evolves, it is important to nurture the parts that are authentic, like an undercurrent of humouror cultivating side projects. It is important to understand what is valuable: employees, system, product, service etc. We help build a robust ecosystem for all our member startups. When a team is small, it is easy to build and maintain a culture, as it comes naturally. However, sustainability comes into question when the team starts growing. New people, new offices, new systems & new clients/customers add to the complexity. TheStartupLab helps innovate, solve problems together, bring together cross-functional expertise and knowledge to build an app & see a new solution

The Startup Lab

We’re a community founded by entrepreneurs like you. We are a team that has spent years in pursuit of an ecosystem that is equipped to provide all the necessities that a startup needs to be nurtured.
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Who are we​

We’re a community founded by entrepreneurs like you. We are a team that has spent years in pursuit of an ecosystem that is equipped to provide all the necessities that a startup needs to be nurtured. We have experts. We have sources & resources. We have industrious & successful partners who we look out for, just as they look out for us.

Our Philosophy​

We believe in treating our partners like family. A family grows together. Hence, we believe in a symbiotic growth. Our philosophy resonates with what drives businesses to keep growing. Our philosophy resonates with new technology. It resonates with successful systems. It resonates with development. It resonates with our partners.

How we work​

We, at TheStartupLab , help startups all through their journey starting from Ideation to validation, search for Cofounders, Connecting to Mentors, Product Development, Preparing a pitchdeck, finding Investors for startup, Connecting to Accelerator/incubators & everything in between. We work towards growing with our partners.
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We, at ThestartupLab, help startups all through their journey starting from Ideation to validation, search for Co-founders, Connecting to Mentors, legal compliance's, Product Development, Preparing a pitch deck, finding Investors, Connecting to Accelerator/incubators & everything in between. We work towards growing with our partners. The StartupLab is basically a one-stop-shop for all the startups. TSL Investors ​is an independent forum with over 500+ CXOs & HNIs, with the purpose of providing an opportunity to create wealth for its members. This platform gives its members to share knowledge, network, and create wealth by investing in high potential startups. TSL is responsible for deal sourcing, evaluating, managing investment. One of the USP of this forum is that it educates new investors and helps them in investing in potential startups. Our clear purpose is to simply make startups journeys easy.
ThestartupLab helps startups by providing them with legal documents registration, funding assistance, compliance filing, tech development, business development, etc.
Our clients are business owners, startups, and anyone who wants to experience an entrepreneurial journey. We have experience of working with 200+ startups and businesses. 
We charge complete cash on services. Even offer customized packages for startups. In context to Funding its success fee. We have a separate model wherein we charge equity as per our co-founder equity model.
Yes, we do help in funding. We have a proper process of selection to get a particular startup referred for funding
In co-founder equity, we select startups considering certain criteria. TheStartuplab works with selected startups in exchange for equity.
We provide services required for
  • Business setup (Company Registration, LLP Filing, Change in ROC, Company Annual Filing)
  • Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Services (Patent, Trademark filing, copyright, etc)
  • Accounting And Taxation Services (Audit Assurance, Business Restructuring, International Business, Opportunity Diligence)
  • Legal Services (Terms & Conditions, Litigation, Agreements, Privacy Policy, Licenses)
  • Web Designing And Development (Professional Website Development, Single Page Web Apps, High-Performance eCommerce Website, Hosting Solutions, Custom Web Solutions)
  • Business Growth
    Funding Assistance
    Cofounder Search
We at TheStartuplab solely focus on Company overall growth. We are not just helping startups/entrepreneurs in managing Compliances but also getting right tech cofounder, Business development through our cofounder equity model, give chance to be part of our accelerator program, connecting to investors, and whatnot.
As a further elaboration of point number 1, the USP and related advantages are laid out below:
  • A diverse network ​of more than 500+ distinguished ​Senior Professionals & HNIs and VC’s ​spanning across various ​Geographies, Industries and areas of Expertise​that are available real-time to evaluate any given startup (e.g Due diligence, Funding, Business Knowledge, mentoring and solving various problems)
  • Low cost ​to be a part of the network, given distributed nature, which would be almost half of any other significant angel group.
  • Higher chances of success​, as the evaluation, is done by experts in the fields of business, investing as well as functional areas.
  • Ability to start ​investing with smaller sums ​as the funding is pooled by the group, still making it meaningful for a given startup.
  • Ability to ​help the startup grow ​and take them to the next level by providing them additional access to customers, guidance, and mentorship ​along with funding.
  • Ability to refer startups that are already known to this forum members, and give an opportunity to do a proprietary deal.
The idea is to keep the costs as low as possible​, ​ while still making the initiative sustainable​. ​ Being a professional group, meant for the serious members who can identify “Value in any given initiative/Startup” the costs would need to be shared among the members as an annual membership fee. The cost would include the cost of the analyst, support staff, IT platform/infrastructure as required, hiring consultants, etc. and also cover for admin expenses (example meeting expenses).
Currently, the ​Annual membership fee ​is Rs. 20000 + 18% GST.
Investment Documentation Fee ​and ​Investment Exit Documentation Fee to be charged on actuals from the investors, investing in a particular deal. ​The First 100 NRI members will be free to use this platform for the first 12 months.
If you are serious about one or more of the following objectives:
  • Learn about the potential market and to evaluate startup investing
  • Create wealth through investing in startups.
  • Share knowledge, expertise, experience, and grow your network.
  • Mentor startup and help them grow and scale-up.
We plan to provide the following benefits to the members:
  • Access to startup founders, pitches and webinars
  • Access to evaluation reports prepared by in house analyst
  • Huddle call with other interested members/founders
  • Quarterly update call/status note from invested startups (One common call with founders for all the members of the TSL investor)
Given the scope of the activities and keeping in mind the wide geographical spread of our members, we meet virtually via our Startup Saturday Webinars every week. This would help in saving travel time as well as enable participation of members across various geographies. However, to enable networking and to know other members personally, TSL will organize regular online meetings as well, once annually across all regions.
We do not encourage using the forum for marketing or commercial purposes unless any member query is specifically related to services provided by your Company. In any case, if you do wish to advertise (only for the company you work for), then we allow the same on monetary donation or in the form of complementary/exclusive discounted services offered to TSL Members.
Members enjoy the freedom to initiate & drive discussions. However, we strongly recommend, not to seek confidential company information or share it on the forum. Other members/ admin do not take the onus of maintaining non-disclosure of the same.
The core committee is formed within the members of TSL investors who are willing to:
  • Commit a certain amount of minimum time for regular operations of the group and
  • Have expertise in required areas like due diligence, Valuations, Business, Industry or other areas and therefore take up an area of responsibility either for the core group or for a given investment.
The core group is intended to be a flexible group and members may come in or move out depending upon their individual situation and time commitment available. While the total number of core groups remains fixed at any given point in time.
Only posts related to Startup investments (and learning) can be shared in the group. Discussions related to startups are allowed. However, it is prohibited to share Forwards, Jokes, Images, wishing on birthdays, anniversaries, on festivals, National holidays, political opinions, etc. This helps us maintain focus on the objective of the forum. In case a member feels strongly about sharing any forward, the member must donate 200 points for each such share. We encourage members to congratulate or welcome members on a 1:1 basis only, thereby connecting with them on a personal level.
In case anyone wants to join TSL, she/he needs to fill up the membership form -​ ​and mention the name of the referrer.
We would like to keep the process simple for everyone and therefore any member can invest directly as an individual. Here the transaction, terms, and conditions would be directly between the member and the start-up (With guidance coming from the Core leadership team of TSL Investor), for example, Standard SHA terms, Valuation, evaluation sheets, etc.
  • One should keep the discussions confidential, not to be shared in public or otherwise outside the forum.
  • While members share their opinions and have discussions on various items, the ultimate investment decision lies solely on the investing member’s discretion, and therefore “TSL” is not responsible for any investments done by the members.
  • Members may choose to invest or have B2B deals or both with the startup with keeping TSL in the loop.
  • The onus of managing ‘conflict of interest’ lies with the member and not TSL.
  • Similarly, “TSL” does not proclaim or guarantee any returns, it is a collective effort with no recourse to any member/forum.
  • The member does not owe his/her earnings to the group, vis a vis the group is not liable to make good a loss in investment made.
  • TheStartuplab shortlist startups received by them on the basis of certain criteria.
  • TheStartuplab gets into one on one discussion with a particular startup and observes their performance for at least 2-3 month.
  • TheStartuplab prepare an Executive summary report for each startup.
  • Once we have some idea on potential, scalability, team strength we share particular startups with the investors.
  • We at TSL will support in the entire journey from shortlisting to diligence to a commitment to investment and monitoring and help investors in fetching relevant details from startup founders.
  • Followed by one to one discussion with founders through video conferencing.
  • Once an investor decides to invest in a particular startup based on agreed terms, we get term sheet signed.
  • The next step is signing a Shareholding agreement, followed by the transfer of funds by investors
  • Lastly, Thestartuplab completes all documentation work and shares the SHA with investors.
As an individual investor, you will have the right to be able to sell or buy shares as per your own discretion, at any given point in time. You will have access to quarterly business review calls of the startups you have invested in. You will be informed of exit opportunities and how they arise to help you make a decision.

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