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Financial Modeling

Home Financial Modeling

Two factors majorly illustrate the present situation of the company- the products/ services the company is providing and the financial conditions of the company.

The situation of the products/services is observable by everybody but the financial situation is not.

Therefore, Financial Modeling is done.

TheStartUpLab provides Financial modeling services for businesses to help them improve their financial status.

In business, small details usually make bigger differences.

Financial Model provides your business with that.

A good financial model will help your business to make better financial judgments.

As revenues drive business growth, a well-built model will help in projecting growth. [ Also read – financial projection for startup

Benefits of Financial Modeling for your business

A good built financial model will provide you

  • Help in making informed financial decisions
  • Help in getting investment
  • Help in growth projection
  • Help in using the finances better
  • Help in valuation
  • Help in making a corporate transaction

How we can help you Finance Modeling?

We help businesses in producing Financial Model that is easy to understand yet detailed enough to address complex conditions.

With our help, you can surely take your business to the next level.

How does our Financial modeling process look like?

At TheStartUpLab, each process is done in a structured way. We follow the following steps

  1. Old data is taken (bigger timeframes the better)
  2. Metrics and ratios like growth rate, asset turnover, inventory changes are calculated
  3. Forecast is done
  4. Valuation is done
  5. Additional analysis is done (if needed)

How does our finished Financial Model look like?

Our topmost priority is to create a model that has a meaningful hierarchy and everything in it should be clearly stated.

Final model made by us is

  • Well structured with a good layout
  • Easy to interpret and understand
  • Focused around important issues
  • Chart, graphs and tables are used
  • Assumptions are clearly stated
  • Accurate

Just give us a call or email us to create a financial model for your business. click here for read about Latest India startup News