Venture Capital Fund 100X.VC Announces Its New Portfolio Of 10 Seed-Stage Startups

Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC
Mumbai-based venture capital fund 100X.VC

100X.VC, a Mumbai-based venture capital fund, has announced its new portfolio of 10 seed-stage startups as part of its Class-03 portfolio.

The selected ten startups cater to multiple categories, including Artificial Intelligence, F&B, edtech, SaaS, robotics, and healthcare.

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Handpicked from 1,677 applications, the startups are, DCode Care, Cora, SaleAssist, Accio Robotics, Kerala Banana Chips, BurnCal,, Vecros Technologies, and MicroDegree.

Talking about the development, Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC, said,

“2021 is off to a good start. After receiving and reviewing 1,677 applications for Class 03, we carefully selected only ten startups. Each startup has a unique breakthrough idea which has the potential to scale into a globally successful business.

These startups can impact India significantly by improving the standard of living and changing our outlook to work and life. For our Pitch Day, we are seeing enormous investor from India and around the world from investors wanting to be part of the extraordinary opportunity offered by these startups.”

As per the VC Fund, it will invest Rs 25 crore across 100 startups in 2021 and will open its network, expertise, and resources and aims to help founders craft a scalable business model.

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