Started With Rs 1.5 lakh Investment, This On-Demand Driver Service Startup Is Targeting Rs 204 Cr Revenue

Drivers4Me Founders
Startup Story Drivers4Me

In recent times, on-demand services have seen a rising market trend.

Presently, when food, eCommerce, transportation, delivery of goods, and almost every activity available on-demand, two engineers turned entrepreneurs thought of making drivers and chauffeur available on demand.

Today’s startup story is about a startup that provides on-demand professional driver service for both customers and businesses in India.

Drivers4Me is an app-based on-demand professional driver service that aims to provide its users with reliability, efficiency and professionalism.

Startup Story: Drivers4Me | Professional Drivers For Your Car

Drivers4Me Founders

This Startup India (DPIIT) and Startup Bengal recognised startup was founded in December 2018 by computer science engineers Rajarshi Nag and Paramartha Saha.

The duo started Drivers4Me with an investment of Rs 1.5 lakh to address the need for reliable and professional on-demand drivers.  

The startup targets individual customers with cars, car rental services, hotels, and corporates.

How Drivers4Me Started?

Rajarshi and Paramartha started Drivers4Me to solve the problem of on-demand professional driver service.

Presently, when food, eCommerce, transportation, delivery of goods, and almost every activity is based on on-demand availability, the duo thought of making drivers and chauffeur available on demand.

On exploring the existing system of car driver hiring and interacting with local driver centres in Kolkata, the founders realised that the system was flawed in terms of reliability and professionalism.

They also realised the present system did not have a standard pricing model. So, banking on cheap internet data and increasing smartphone usage, the founders decided to digitise on-demand driver services.

The proof of concept of the startup began in mid-2017. By the end of 2018, the startup had launched its B2B services and crossed 5,000 trips. 

USP Of Drivers4Me

Drivers4Me provides verified, trained professional drivers through an intuitive easy-to-use app or web-based platform with real-time tracking at reasonable rates.

Those who need a driver, individuals or businesses, can request for the services of a driver either through the startup’s mobile app or website.

On receiving the booking request, the closest and most suitable drivers are matched with the trip, and the user is notified of the allotment. Then the driver arrives at the user’s address, and the trip begins. 

And, to make the process more efficient, the startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Throughout the trip, the user has access to the driver’s vital information and the trip in real-time. 

The startup offers both B2B and B2C solutions. 

Present Situation of Drivers4Me

Focusing Kolkata initially, Drivers4Me provides services to a couple of B2B clients in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune as well.

With more than 900 full-time and part-time drivers, the startup claims to have completed 80,000 trips so far, and their app has more than 25,000 downloads.

On the revenue front, Drivers4Me generated profits (EBIDTA) of Rs 6.2 lakh in FY20. Drivers4Me is targeting Rs 8.23 crore in revenue next year, and Rs 204 crore by FY23. 

Future Plans of Drivers4Me

Drivers4Me plans to become a one-stop app solution for all transportation and car-related problems. The startup also plans of integrating more services into its app such as shuttle, carpooling, cab service, car servicing, car documents management, among others.

Drivers4Me also aims to establish B2C services in Delhi with plans to raise its pre-Series A round of investment in FY22.

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