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Providing Examination Process Automation Solutions, WeShineTech Is Helping Universities And Colleges To Shift Online

WeShineTech Founders: Anupam Mangudkar, Utkarsh Mangudkar, Ramkrishna Kulkarni

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It is because of the digitisation that we managed to minimise the effects of COVID-19 and tried to keep things like normal.

And like every industry, digitisation has brought a paradigm shift in the Indian education industry. But, it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic that the sector gained momentum as schools and colleges shifted online almost overnight.

Helping colleges and universities make the digital shift since 2011, today’s story is about a Pune-based SaaS startup, WeShineTech.

Startup Story: WeShineTech | Examination Process Automation Solutions


Founding Team

Started by Anupam Mangudkar, Utkarsh Mangudkar, Ramkrishna Kulkarni in 2011, WeShineTech is a SaaS startup focused on university examination process automation.

UniApps, an exam ERP for universities, is the flagship product of the startup. The SaaS startup also offers end-to-end candidate evaluation services for recruitments in government organisations.

How WeShineTech Started?

While working as a software engineer in 2008, Anupam faced some difficulties using their internal training assessment evaluation platform. And the same year, prestigious CAT exams went online, with many hiccups.

Anupam realised that there was a problem and wanted to provide a solution to solve the issues. So, Anupam and his team started working on an online examination solution.

Reminiscing the days, Anupam says, 

“At that same time, coincidentally, Pune University began conducting MCQ exams for a few of its courses, and we got an opportunity to showcase our innovation. We started working on the solution and launched our first product, which was focused on MCQ-based exams.”

The team then connected with several educational institutes to understand their issues related to generating and managing question papers, online assessment of the papers, managing student results, among others. 

Finally, Anupam and his team came up with tech solutions to solve the issues and started WeShineTech.

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USP Of WeShineTech

Driving the automation of administrative processes in educational institutions, WeShineTech focuses on university examination process automation. 

Through its flagship product, UniApps, the SaaS startup provides a suite of applications enabling university exam automation. UniApps suite enables complete student lifecycle management for institutes. Using the UniApps suite, institutes can also onboard students online, manage question papers, online mark tests, and process results, among others. 

Anupam says,

“The data on students, exams, etc., are all hosted safely on Amazon cloud. We use Amazon’s private cloud system, and data is always customer-owned for us. Apart from this, after a session or exam is over, we hand over the entire data for backup in whichever format they want.” 

WeShineTech provides its suite of applications on a subscription basis, with charges depending on the number of students, exam papers, etc. Educational institutes can either subscribe to the entire suite or opt for modules they specifically require.

Present Situation Of The Startup

Launched with an initial investment of Rs 1.5 Lakh, the SaaS startup has a presence across five states. 

Claiming to be growing organically, WeShineTech is working with more than 20 universities, including the Pune University, University of Mumbai, Goa University, Gujarat Technological University, among others.

Future Plans Of WeShineTech

The SaaS startup is scaling up its presence pan-India and looking for strategic partners across India to further expand its footprint.

Anupam stated that the platform can also be used by schools and revealed that the startup is in talks with ICSE and CBSE boards. He added that WeShineTech will, for now, focus mostly on the higher education segment.

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