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How To Plan A Successful Startup | The StartupLab

To plan a startup is a big responsibility and it takes a lot more effort to grow it successfully. Those few who venture on this road need guidance at every point in dealing with the challenges. 

This article focuses on providing guidance and points that will make your startup successful. So, let’s begin.

How To Plan A Successful Startup?

1. Focus On “What Majority Wants”

Your startup should focus on providing a solution to a problem that the majority of people are facing.

Example– Zomato understood this point and created a reliable food delivery system where people can choose from numerous restaurants.

2. Advertise To “Create Suspense And Buzz”

An advertisement acts as the first impression of what people get from your business. You can use modern advertising platforms like FB, Instagram, etc, to create a buzz about your startup. Presenting the idea with efforts from the tip to toe will attract the people from high and low. 

This buzz will not only keep the people on the lookout for the service or the product but will also lead to promotion through word of mouth. 

3. Always Look For ‘Public Input’

A good startup will always keep on the lookout for public input. People after getting an impression of a company always indulge in public discussion. This discussion about your company will not only advertise it to others but will also bring out inputs of their interest. 

Example– Founder of ‘Apple‘, Steve Jobs always made it a point to get suggestions from people and implemented the best of several keen ideas, which he puts out as “Rumours and suggestions bring the next concept to be worked upon”.

4. Plan The Launch

The bit of created attraction and audience would increase exponentially if you can plan a good launch event. The desire to get the answers to their queries will bring concerned people to the hub, while several others will tag along just out of curiosity. The event should not only display the product but also should include something creative that can help in creating a positive identity among the customers.

Focus on including talks on how the product or job will change the lives of others and request guest guests about their experience with the product.

5. Get An Expert To Talk About Your Product

Psychology studies suggest that human actions are deeply influenced through ‘trust’. When you are getting introduced to a new person by someone whom you already trust, you will start trusting the new person easily. This psychology has been used for centuries in advertisements, that is the reason you find a celebrity introducing a product/service to customers through advertising.

Example– If your startup is into sports merchandise manufacturing business, get an expert sportsman to talk about your product. And if the expert is a well-known person with a huge fan following your startup can gain huge momentum.

6. Grow Your Social Media Effectively

The present generation is addicted to technology. This addiction leads to them spending long hours on these platforms. 

Presently, 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.

Advertising on social media brings your idea to the attention of millions of people around the world.

Create a profile page for your startup and start acquiring loyal fans. Capture your company activities and post them on social media platforms. This builds brand loyalty and is a great way to showcase company news and other occasions. Having a strong social media fan following is proof of how you manage your brand which in turn proves your excellent customer relationship skills. If executed properly, creating buzz for your startup on social media is a powerful way of driving sales.

7. Partnering With Established Startups

Partnering with established startups helps in networking and provides experience.

Discussing the agenda of promotion with a well-settled startup can act as a term of advertisement where the well-settled startup helps you reach out to people and in return.

Example– Some blogs/websites write about startups and entrepreneurship(we do that too). Those websites have numerous readers who are on the lookout for startup news and information.

Their readers include investors and CEOs of well-established companies. Try to get listed on such websites. One of the easiest ways is to pay them to write about your startup and your service. Strategize your articles in such a way that they are informative and talk about your startup niche. 

8. Plan Regular Public Interaction

The most important thing which reminds people of you, again and again, is regular interaction. Public Interaction doesn’t let people forget your motto and keep them connected. Interaction can be of many types like regular seminars, product launches, product updates, product supportive content, etc.

The executive representative should take the initiative to speak with everyone in the events. This has the potential of bringing in public recognition. 

9. Get On Websites That List Entrepreneurs

Some websites list founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from various sectors by interviewing them regarding their business experiences, strategies, founding story and plans for the future.

Getting listed on such platforms is a great way to strengthen your startup. This is because people treat such profiled entrepreneurs as experts in their domain and consider them as achievers.

Not only will it enhance the image in front of people, but also, will inspire several other job seekers to work for your organization. Also, profiled entrepreneurs have a higher chance of getting funded.

10. Plan For The Long Run

You grew from an idea to a business, but that’s not it. Always work on keeping the people connected to you.

Most of the time, regular content and updates do the trick. Special offers like loyalty programs and coupons also help in keeping the people attached. It also helps in fighting the competition prevailing in the market.


You can use this model for planning a successful startup

  1. Focus on what the majority of people want.
  2. Advertise to create suspense and buzz among your target customers.
  3. Always look for your customer’s input.
  4. Launch your startup in a grand fashion.
  5. Grow credibility by getting an expert to talk about your product.
  6. Grow your social media presence effectively.
  7. Partner with established startups.
  8. Plan regular public interaction to get familiar with your customers.
  9. Be on websites or channels who list entrepreneurs.
  10. Always make a long term plan.

These points will surely help your startup to grow and be successful.

If you are new to the startup journey, you can read our articles to increase your business knowledge.

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