Whatsapp Digital Payments Platform Is About To Roll Out Globally

Whatsapp digital payment global roll out
Whatsapp Digital payment

Due to controversies surrounding WhatsApp and its security, Facebook is unable to begin the Whatsapp Digital Payments journey in India.
Moving further, Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has now decided to launch WhatsApp Payments in other countries in the upcoming months.

Providing details on the platform, Mark Zuckerberg said that he is excited about this, and they will start rolling out Whatsapp Digital Payments in several countries in the coming 6 months.

Talking about Whatsapp Digital Payment Platform, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said, “One example that we’ve been working on is WhatsApp Payments, where you’re going to be able to send money as quickly and easily as sending a photo.”

Presently, the Indian government hasn’t approved WhatsApp Digital Payments in the country. With previous controversies surrounding FB and Whatsapp, it will take time to launch this platform in India.