Startup Story: Yulu | Moving India Towards A Sustainable Future

To combat traffic congestion and air pollution in India, many mobility startups have emerged. Today’s startup story is about a micro-mobility startup that aims to move India towards a sustainable future.

Startup Story: Yulu | Moving India Towards A Sustainable Future

Yulu is a micro-mobility startup that uses IoT, Cloud, and AI. It has a vast network of shared dockless vehicles that can be rented easily using an app.

Yulu Founders and Funding

This Bangalore-based micro-mobility startup was founded by Amit Gupta, Hemant Gupta, Naveen Dachuri, RK Misra in 2017. 

Yulu has received a total funding of US$19.9 Million.

How Yulu was founded?

Amit was fed up from the traffic congestion during his ride from HSR Layout to Indiranagar. Reminiscing those days, Amit said, 

“The time had progressively been increasing from seven minutes, it went up to 15 and then 45 minutes. I felt walking was faster than driving or riding to work.”

During his work in InMobi, Amit would often visit China for business meetings. During those meetings, he came across the success of bicycle-sharing companies like Ofo and Mobike. 

This gave Amit an idea of starting a similar venture, customized to Indian needs. And later, he started Yulu.

How is Yulu different from other Mobility Startups?

Yulu is a micro-mobility startup that has a broad network of shared dockless vehicles. Yulu is working with a vision to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in urban India. For the consumers, it is very easy to get a Yulu bike. You just have to open the app near a Yulu bike and unlock it with a phone and sensor. Registered users can unlock and lock a bicycle by scanning the QR code on bicycles.

Present Situation And Future Plans Of Yulu

Yulu is presently operational in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune, Greater Mumbai, and Bhubaneswar. It is also planning to expand its services to eight megacities and selected smart cities

During their last funding round, Yulu said, they will use the funds to build a strong electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. The company is also looking to build an extensive network of battery-swapping stations across its operating. Also, they will work on their electric scooter, Yulu Miracle

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