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Startup Story: TravClan | Best Deals For Travel Agents

The Indian Travel sector is growing at a rapid speed. Indians have spent over $94 billion on travel expenses(transportation, consumption, lodging) in 2018. And around 2 billion domestic and international trips were made by Indian travelers (in 2018).

With this growth, Indian Travelers are forecasted to spend over $136 billion by 2021. as per a report by Google and Bain & Company. As India has the second-highest active Internet users in the world, many Travel Tech startups have emerged due to this growth. Among such startups is TravClan.

Startup Story: TravClan | Best Deals For Travel Agents

TravClan has emerged as one of the top B2B Travel startups in India.

TravClan Founders

This Delhi-based B2B travel startup was founded by Chirag Agrawal, Ashish Thapliyal, and Arun Bagaria in October 2018. 

How TravClan Was Founded?

TravClan is a marketplace for travel agents and suppliers where they can buy-sell travel products, like holiday packages, hotels, transfers, etc.

With a rise in growth in the Travel Industry, the founders saw a multitude of opportunities in the B2B segment of the Indian travel industry. That was the main reason TravClan was started.

TravClan aims to bring technology and innovation in the Indian Travel Sector.

TravClan Present Situation

With the experience of three seasoned professionals, TravClan has a monthly growth rate of 30%. Presently, TravClan is hosting over 7,000+ travel agents and suppliers on its platform. Trav Clan has also crossed Rs 100 crore in annual sales within just 14 months of its starting.

As per their founders,

“We have crossed Rs 100 crore in annual sales run rate within 14 months of starting up, owing to rapid partner on-boarding and super-high repeat on the platform.”

TravClan Future Plans

Talking about their plans, the founders said,

“We are confident that we can continue to grow at a rapid pace of 10x every year and reach 5-7 percent of market share in India within the next couple of years. We plan to launch operations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East in 2020.”

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