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Backed by several government initiatives, aimed at creating a sustainable business environment, the Indian startup ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate.

Creating thousands of new jobs every year, The Indian startup ecosystem is expected to witness a consistent annual growth of 12-15%.

There are many factors responsible for this growth, like increasing numbers of incubators and accelerators, bank initiatives for startups, etc.

Platforms That Cover Stories Of Indian Startups

This article is aimed at highlighting that element of the Indian startup ecosystem that provides the startup community with detailed information and stories of Indian startups.

These platforms provide startups with the awareness they require to reach the masses. So, in this article, we will provide details of 11 such platform where you can publish your startup’s story and reach the masses.

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1. Startups India 

Success or Failure, but every startup has its story. Startups India is working to provide its readers with the amazing stories about Startups and the journey of entrepreneurs.

And as per them, the very reason For their existence is to share stories with the world.

To know in detail what they provide, visit Startups India.

2. The Startup Journal

Started in 2014 as a blogging site, The Startup Journal is working hard to promote the entrepreneurial culture in the country.

It is a platform that helps startups to reach a wide community of like-minded people. The Startup Journal has evolved from just a blogging site to a platform that has covered more than 1000 startups.

Their readership is also high, and as per their claims, they have a reader count of more than 6 million readers each year.

To know more about their offerings, Visit The Startup Journal.

3. Viral Indian Diary

Since its inception in 2015, Viral Indian Diary is working with a vision to share meaningful content that creates value in the life of its readers.

VID team writes diaries on incredible Indians, startup stories, motivational, success, and inspirational stories.

Viral Indian Diary, in their stories, provides every detail to its readers.

Details like how they achieved their goals, What difficulties they faced in their life and what made them keep ongoing, are covered in their stories.

Visit Viral Indian Diary to know more about them.

4. Yourstory 

Founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008, Yourstory is among India’s well-known platform for startups.

Yourstory has published close to 60,000+ stories of entrepreneurs and people who are making a change. The platform has provided more than 50,000 entrepreneurs access to networking and funding opportunities.

The platform provides its content in English and 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu.

To know more about what they provide, Visit Yourstory.

5. Times Next

Timesnext is one of India’s leading portal that publishes India startup news and startup stories.

The platform is working with a vision to share the journey of unheard entrepreneurs of the nation and help them to reach the masses.

Timesnext covers details about India’s latest startups & their founders.

Not only this, but TimesNext also provides its readers with information on the latest business and tech-related topics and news.

To know in detail what they provide, visit TimesNext.

6. Inc 42 

Promoting the Indian startup ecosystem since Jan 2014, Inc42 is one of India’s leading media publications.

Working with the mission to empower, connect & grow the Indian Startup Ecosystem, Inc 42 known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem.

The platform provides a deep understanding of the startup economy to its readers through data-backed news and analysis.

Visit Inc 42 and connect with them.

7. Startup Success Stories

Startup Success Stories is a platform that works to bridge the gap between newbie entrepreneurs and modern market trends.

The platform keeps an eye on the latest market trends, and it tries to showcase them in layman’s language. The content is published in an easy way such that every entrepreneur understands and benefits from it.

Startup Success Stories focuses more on market trends, stories, and it produces content that will help budding entrepreneurs in developing insight into the present market.

To know more about their offerings, Visit Startup Success Stories

8. Startup Urban 

Like for a seed to bloom, proper maintenance and care are needed, similarly to grow a startup, proper knowledge and guidance is required.

Startup Urban is a platform that provides entrepreneurs with the details of the startup ecosystem which enables them to grow risk-free.

The platform shares the stories of entrepreneurs to boost entrepreneurship and promote the startup ecosystem.

Visit their website and connect with them.

9. Yo!Success

Yo!Success is a platform that is creating a community of entrepreneurs who are working hard to make a change in the world through their ideas and innovation.

The platform shares stories of startups so that its readers become aware of the entrepreneurial and startup world.

To connect with them, visit their website.

10. Startup Stories

Working to create a productive and impactful entrepreneurship ecosystem in India, Startup Stories is a new-age tech media platform.

The platform is encouraging students and entrepreneurs to think big and enabling them to engage with the global startup community.

Connect with them and showcase your startup story.

11. Startup Wonders 

Startup Wonders promotes startups by helping them reach out to a wider relevant audience, prospective clients and investors.

The platform provides its readers with the astounding stories of thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and people from the business community.

The content that they provide to their audience covers multiple industries, including e-commerce, digital, hyper-local, etc.

Visit their website to know more about them.

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