Self‐Drive Car Rental Service Startup Zoomcar Plans For International Expansion

Self‐Drive car rental service startup Zoomcar is planning to expand its operations to international markets by next year.

Working on this for a while, Zoomcar will be initially targeting Asian markets, including markets like Japan and China.

This Bengaluru-based car rental startup claims to have a market share of 75% and is presently functional in 45 Indian cities.

The company aims to increase its fleet size by 10 times to one lakh cars (including both internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and electric vehicles) and its market share to 85%  in the next 18 months.

Talking about global expansion, Greg Moran, Zoomcar Co-founder and CEO, recently in talks with YS said,

“We always consider ourselves a global product company. What we are doing in India is something which can be easily replicated in other emerging markets. Our core technology involving IoT (Internet of Things) holds enormous policies even outside India, including markets like other Asian countries and Europe. However, we will first focus on Asia and preferably by next year we will be present in not just South East Asia but also in China and Japan.”

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