Indian Startups Raise Fake Apps Issue With Tech Giant Google

Fake apps on google play
Google play And fake apps

Tech giant Google is facing increased backlash from startups because of various issues, like alleged delay in taking down fake apps from its Play Store and difficulty in downloading competing app store platforms.

Talking about the copycat apps of gaming app FAU-G on Play Store, Vishal Gonda, Cofounder of nCore Games, said,

“It’s ridiculous. It goes into pages and pages. There has been no response. Google is so arbitrary in implementing its policies. These are blatant violation.”

Founder of Chingari app, Sumit Ghosh, also said there were multiple duplicates of his short-video app. And, even after notifying google, these apps are still available for download.

Sumit said,

“Just go to the Play Store and search for Chingari. There are hundreds of fake apps with the same name. They are plagiarising our brand name. We have notified Google hundreds of times to take them down. Some of them have got 50,000-100,000 downloads. We are missing out on those downloads.”

Rakesh Deshmukh, the founder of Indus app store, alleged that Google Play Store does not allow downloads of any other app stores. Rakesh also said the government should design a policy so that access to different app stores is the same for users.

Sharing his views on the issues, Rakesh said,

“We need some government support to give us access to the market, which has been blocked by Android. We need a level playing field. The entire policy needs to be designed so that the access to different app stores is the same for users.”

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