Indian SpaceTech Startup ‘Vesta Space’ Aims To Make 5G Operational By 2021

Indian SpaceTech startup ‘Vesta Space’ said it will start launching over 35 satellites from September 2020 onwards to enable pan-India 5G service.

As per the company, their aim is to make 5G operational by early 2021.

Founded by Arun Kumar Sureban in 2018, Vesta Space is a Pune-based space technology startup.

Vesta Space builds small satellite platforms for commercial and scientific applications.

Talking about the future plans, Arun Kumar Sureban said,

“We will be launching a constellation of over 35 satellites for pan-India coverage of 5G services. Through this, we are also trying to replace need of fibre network. Any 5G phone will be able to get signal from satellites directly. We expect to start operations in early 2021.”

As per Arun Kumar Sureban, Vesta Space has also been working with ISRO, NASA and other leading space agencies on various strategic projects.

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