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Indian Short Video-Sharing App ‘Chingari’ Crosses More Than 2.5 Million Downloads

Amid India-China tension, India’s short video-sharing app ‘Chingari’ has crossed more than 2.5 million downloads.
As per this video sharing platform, it reached the milestone from 550,000 downloads in just ten days.

Talking about the growth, Biswatma Nayak, Co-founder, Chingari App, said,

“In the last few days, we have witnessed a 400 percent growth in the subscribers of the app.”

Designed to promote Indian apps and boycott Chinese, Chingari allows users to download and upload videos, chat with friends, interact with people, share content, and browse through the feed.

This short video-sharing app claims to be more rewarding than its rival TikTok.
And as per the company, content creators on Chingari don’t just get fame but money for the uploaded content.

“Chingari pays a content creator on the basis of how viral the video becomes. For every video that one uploads on the Chingari app, you get points (per view), which can be redeemed for money.”

The app is available for free download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Chingari is also available in multiple regional languages, including Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

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