HDFC Bank Wants To Be The ‘Go-To Bank’ For The Startup Community


HDFC Bank wants to be a go-to bank for the startup community, a bank official said on Tuesday.

According to the officials, HDFC Bank has dedicated ‘SmartUp‘ zones in 70 branches across 30 Indian cities. And, as per HDFC Bank’s Country Head, Smita Bhagat, around 9,000 startups are currently banking with HDFC Bank.
Providing useful tools to startups under their program, Smita Bhagat said,

“Through the SmartUp program, we are already engaging with the startup community to partner with them in their entrepreneurial journey using smart financial tools, advisory services, and technology.”

Smita Bhagat added,

“We also have a platform where the startups can register themselves and sell their products to our own customers.”

Over the past three years, total grants of Rs 14 crore have been provided to more than 60 startups. HDFC Bank on Tuesday disbursed SmartUp grants to 20 startups in Bengaluru. The grants equaled to Rs 5 crore. Samita Bhagat said,

“We would like to be a dominant bank and go-to bank for all the startups and startup community.”

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