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Google Pay To Temporarily Turn Off Its ‘Check Out Balance’ Service

UPI Payments Platform, Google Pay tweeted that due to increased load on UPI, it is temporarily turning off the ‘check account balance’ feature on its app. 

Google Pay India Tweeted,

“Due to increased load on UPI, we are temporarily turning off the ‘check account balance’ feature. It will be back shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience. You will still be able to make all payments on Google Pay as you normally do.”

As per Industry sources, Yes Bank outage also has had a small impact on this UPI platform by Tech Giant Google. But Google Pay has followed a multi-bank approach for its UPI payments, and that saved the platform from a major outage. Google has partnered with ICICI Bank and others for its digital banking services.

But that’s not the case with PhonePe. Just after Yes Bank was put under moratorium by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), PhonePe services got affected, as Yes Bank is its exclusive banking partner for UPI transactions.

On the situation of PhonePe, Paytm Payments Bank took a jab at PhonePe and tweeted,

“Dear @PhonePe_ ,

Inviting you to @PaytmBank #UPI platform. It already has huge adoption and can seamlessly scale manifold to handle your business.

Let’s get you back up, fast!”

To which PhonePe replied and said, “No point getting back up faster, if we have to desert our long term partners when they’re down. Form is temporary, class is permanent.”

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