Former PayU Co-founder Launches QR-based Contactless Solution For Commerce And Payments

O2O (online to offline) commerce platform DOT has launched a QR-based contactless commerce and payments solution.

Founded by Shailaz Nag (former PayU Co-founder), DOT is a Gurgaon-based O2O (online to offline) commerce platform that empowers offline businesses with tech-enabled innovations.

DOT platform enables the shoppers to easily scan a QR code by using the mobile phone camera. After that, the user can get access to catalogues of retail brands and menus of restaurants on a browser.

Selected items will be added to the cart and the customer can go and pick the order from the store. Diners can do contactless ordering through their mobile browser from their table.

Speaking on the launch, Shailaz Nag, Founder, DOT, said,

“The uniqueness of DOT platform is that customers don’t have the hassles of downloading any app and can start shopping, buying or ordering by simply scanning the merchant QR code once. The commerce and payments happens on the user’s mobile browser while the post-transaction communication, customer invoicing, feedback etc. shifts to WhatsApp. i.e. the customer can engage with the merchant on WhatsApp after placing the order.”

Presently, this QR-based contactless platform is used by prominent food chains like Haldiram’s, Fabcafe, Social, Chilis, and Cafe Delhi Heights.

And by December 2020, the company is aiming to get 500K merchants and 1 Million daily transactions.

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