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CFO Services

CFO Services For Startups

The growth of any business depends on how efficiently and effectively it is managing finances. For an organisation, Chief Financial Officer(CFO) is the person that manages the finances and oversees budgetary control and accounting compliances. 

It is an executive that develops financial strategies for the company, assesses the financial condition and implements ideas for a better financial future for the company.

 A common misconception is that CFO and CFO services are only important for legacy businesses. Not only for legacy businesses, but CFO services are important for startups as well.

Right now, there are plenty of CFO services for startups available in India, providing several benefits according to the need and budget of the company.

Different Types Of CFO Services And Their Benefits For Startups

Virtual CFO Services

A virtual CFO helps you out with your financial requirements via phone calls or video conferences and does not work full time.

It offers the same services as a CFO, but the only difference is that a virtual CFO works via phone calls or video conferences.

A virtual CFO is a very beneficial option for startups since they do not need to pay somebody for a full-time job when it is not needed.

Interim CFO Services:

An Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) joins the company temporarily to take over the responsibilities of a CFO who has suddenly quit or has gone on an extended vacation.

One appointed as an Interim Chief Financial Officer makes sure that the necessary processes of the company continue without any disruption and takes charge of Financial Management and Corporate Governance related work.

Outsourced CFO Services:

Though important, an in-house CFO may not be a financially viable option for a startup. In such a case, one can outsource CFO services.

An outsourced CFO works on a contract basis and does all the CFO services, providing strategies related to financing on a part-time or project basis.

Part-time CFO Services:

Suitable for small businesses and early-stage startups, part-time CFOs are budget-friendly, as they charge based on their working hours.

A part-time CFO oversees the transaction processing system and focuses on maximum cost-effective packages.

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