Caspian Debt Raises $20 Million In Debt Funding From DFC

Caspian Debt has raised $20 million in long-term debt funding from the US International Development Finance Corporation.

The company said this new loan, which is a combination of subordinated and senior debt, will help Caspian Debt provide customised and collateral-free loans, digitally, to enterprises operating in high impact sectors in India.

And as per Founder and MD of Caspian Debt, S. Viswanatha Prasad, the company plans to use the funds on “promoting disruptive entrepreneurs, who are pushing the envelope for creating sustainable impact.”

This corporate lender mainly works with first-generation social entrepreneurs and offers debt solutions like venture debt, order financing, term loans, etc.

Over the last 7 years, the company has lent over $219 million to over 140 early-stage businesses.

For their offerings, you can visit their website.

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