Vicara Motion Engine

Bengaluru Based Deep Tech Startup ‘Vicara’ Raises Seed Funding

Bengaluru-based deep tech startup Vicara has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round led by ITI Growth Opportunities Fund. 

This funding round also saw participation from a prominent UK-based Fortune 500 company.

Founded by Abhishek Satish and Adarsh Warrier in March 2017, Vicara is motion analytics and gesture recognition startup. The startup develops technology & solutions that augment the ability of humans to work with their digital surroundings.

Talking about smart motion technologies, Adarsh Warrier, the Co-Founder of Vicara, said,

”If you were to take a look around you – from gesture recognition on your phones to fall detection on your smart helmet; from motion analytics on health wearables to productivity tracking at the factory floor – the significance of smart motion-based technologies are more today than ever before. The Vicara Motion Engine is our incredibly efficient in-house plug and play motion stack which makes this possible. We aspire to be the driving force of the smart devices around us.” 

Vicara Motion Engine is Vicara’s core offering, which is an AI-enabled firmware stack for plug-and-play motion tracking capabilities.

The motion engine has applications across a variety of domains like EdTech, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Consumer Electronics, Collaborative workspaces, manufacturing and IoT.

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