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CFO Services: 4 Types Of CFO Services And Benefits For Your Business

CFO Services

Before hiring a CFO for your company, learn about the benefits of CFO Services, Virtual CFO and how it helps you assess the potential fit for your firm

A Chief Financial Officer(CFO) is an executive that manages the financial planning of the company by applying his strategies and plans. Modern time is the time of start-ups and businesses. Every business aims to provide quality services to the people along with making a profit. There are plenty of CFO services for startups company available in India right now, providing different facilities according to the needs and budget of the company.

Here We Will Be Discussing Different Types Of CFO Services And Their Benefits For The Company.

1. Virtual CFO services:

A virtual CFO Services guides strategic planning and sales. Most of the services provided by a virtual CFO are the same as the above ones, but the only difference is they are not physically present in the office. They provide their assistance from remote places. It is also less expensive to hire a virtual CFO in comparison to a full-time CFO, as the companies don’t have to spend on vacations and other perks for the CFOs. Virtual CFOs come in very handy when companies do not have enough budget to appoint a full-time Chief Financial Officer.

India has witnessed a large number of startups in previous years. Since these startups do not have enough budget to invest in a full-time CFO, many Virtual CFO Companies in India are providing guidance and strategy for better planning of the goals and profits. These Virtual CFOs of India are cheap and provide valuable knowledge to small businesses and start-ups.

Benefits of Virtual CFO:

  1. Virtual CFOs provide a timely report for the Management Information System(MIS).
  2. A well-structured accounting system is necessary for a comprehensive framework of the company. A virtual CFO maintains this framework for the proper functioning of the company.
  3. A virtual CFO maintains and tracks the company’s budget, thus giving proper direction and goals to the company.
  4. Above all, a virtual CFO is a guide that maintains the overall working of the company by effectively directing the employees towards the strategies and goals of the company.

2. Interim CFO Services:

An Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a highly experienced professional in the field of finance. He develops the strategy for the company, assesses the financial condition and implements ideas for a better financial future of the company. He joins the company temporarily to take over the responsibilities of a CFO who has suddenly quit or has gone on an extended vacation. They make sure that the necessary processes of the company continue without any disruption.

They can also hire interim CFOs during crises like:

An Interim CFO can be full-time or part-time.

The full-time CFO continues to work for the company for an extended time. The part-time CFO’s are referred to as fractional CFO’s. They work full time in a company, but for the short term. For CFO services for startups, a fractional CFO is more beneficial than a permanent CFO because a permanent CFO is too expensive. It will lead to an extra budget for the new startup, which they generally try to avoid.

Benefits of Interim CFO:

  1. Interim CFOs take a short time to get up to speed and be productive.
  2. Interim CFOs let you make wise decisions with data and more information.
  3. Interim CFOs save the company from a cash crisis by continuously analyzing its financial health.
  4. Interim CFOs ensure that the funds are raised properly for the company.

3. Outsourced CFO services:

An outsourced CFO does all the CFO services, but instead of joining the company, they work on a contract basis. They provide strategies related to financing on a part-time or project basis. They also provide a high-level analysis of cost and profits for the company.

Many times, companies take time to decide about the full-time CFO, so they hire an outsourced CFO to work for them in the meantime.

An outsourced CFO consults with the existing CFO and provides them with valuable skills, techniques and strategies.

Benefits of Outsourced CFO:

  1. Outsourced CFO saves money for the company. It is more budget-friendly to take the services of an experienced CFO based on his working hours. It economizes the money for paying the full-time Chief Financial Officer.
  2. Since an outsourced CFO is not “directly” connected with the company, he brings a new perspective to the company through his CFO services.
  3. Outsourced CFO brings more flexibility to the company. It allows the company to adjust the engagement as it evolves.
  4. Outsourced CFO is experienced, so they know how to handle the various financial problems of the company by defining the relevant strategies.

4. Part-time CFO services:

With the expanding businesses, the need for an expert Chief Financial Officer is increasing day by day, but their services cannot be available most of the time. A part-time CFO has years of experience in full-time CFO services but now works with small businesses to help them in getting more profits. Part-time CFOs are budget-friendly, as they charge based on their working hours.

They maintain the appropriate insurance coverage and monitor cash balance and cash forecasts. A part-time CFO also oversees the transaction processing system and focuses on maximum cost-effective packages. They play a dominant role in maintaining an in-depth relationship with all the members of the company.

Benefits of Part-time CFO:

  1. Part-time CFOs have a wealth of knowledge regarding the finance of the companies, so they provide a new direction and perspective to the companies.
  2. Part-time CFOs are good at raising capital, and they manage funds efficiently. It makes it easy for the companies to collect revenue on time.
  3. Part-time CFOs are also proven to be your best financial advisor. They give valuable advice regarding the finance of the company based on data and strategies.
  4. Part-time CFOs understand the break-even point of the companies and save them from losing too much money.
  5. Selecting a proper CFO is as important as the decisions taken for the company. A good CFO takes the company to higher leads because he possesses better knowledge and experience in the field of finance. So companies should analyze their budgets and goals and recruit a Chief Finance Officer accordingly.

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