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6 most important skills to learn as an Entrepreneur

6 Skills needed to be a good entrepreneur

Skills every entrepreneur should have to be successful

Do you know 9 out of 10 startups in India fail within their first 5 years ?

Well! That’s quite a horrifying fact if you are an entrepreneur.

Some say lack of funding is the reason for that, but some say lack of leadership quality.

Before going into the skill side, let me first ask you a question.

Are leaders born or made?

Think a bit and then answer.

According to various behavioral theories, leaders are made not born.

Leadership is a skill that can be mastered with proper training, education and a lot of experience.

Some people show inherited qualities that make them better suited for  leadership.

But why are we talking about leaders when the topic is about entrepreneurs?

Well, keep that in mind “All leaders are not entrepreneurs but all entrepreneurs are leaders”.

We believe every skill can be learned, practiced and mastered over time. Entrepreneurship is a very challenging journey, and there are few entrepreneurship skills that one must master to make this dicey journey a little bit tranquil!

Apart from leadership, there are few more entrepreneurship skills one must master to attain success.

Here are the 6 most important skills to learn as an Entrepreneur

1. Be Resilient

Entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster. Not all days are going to be good days. The same goes for the bad ones too! If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be well prepared with a mindset that it will be a rollercoaster journey full of ups and downs.

Being robust and resilient is the only way out, you have to keep going to attain success.

2. Be a forever learner

The business environment is very dynamic, dicey and forever changing! So to keep your business in demand, be a forever learner and adapt to required changes. Among all the entrepreneurship skills adaptability and being a learner holds high regard.

3. Integrity towards your dreams

Dedication, focus, and integrity are the skills that will help you to grow in every aspect. An Entrepreneur is always judged by his dedication towards attaining his goals. After you set your vision, set the tasks and make a road map to get closer to your final goals. Make this an integral part of your life this will bring you much closer to success.

4. Increase your Network

One of the most important entrepreneurship skills is networking.  A sound network increases your value exponentially. So, network with people in your niche. Also, make sure you are constantly talking to your employees, co-founders, and even investors. This will help you know the internal chaos if any.

Other than this, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur know your customers. Network with them using social media platform, you will get external feedback as well.

5. Use every resource efficiently

A successful entrepreneur is not the one that has all the resources but one who manages the resources well. Make sure you learn how to effectively and efficiently manage your resources. One of the most vulnerable resources of all time is labour, your employees work as a founding stone for your entrepreneurship journey, treat them right!

6. Be a Seller

Entrepreneurs should know how to sell themselves. Their achievements and their vision are their selling points. A good sales team is good but be a seller yourself. Sell your products and ideas to the investors, customers, and peers. Most importantly, an entrepreneur should be aware of everything that’s happening.

Apply these points in your life to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you are new to this startup journey, read our blogs to update your knowledge. We daily write articles, news to keep every reader updated.

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