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Yulu To Improve Bike Design After Reports Of Being Unsafe

Yulu, a micro-mobility startup has been blamed for being unsafe.

Special commissioner of Delhi Police (traffic), Taj Hassan, has raised his concerns over minors using Yulu bikes without helmets.

Taj Hassan said,

“These bikes are largely used for joyrides by people and are not serving the actual purpose of last-mile connectivity (from the Metro stations). Also, no Yulu staff is present at the docks/bike stands to either assess the age or identification cards of users or even tell them what is permissible as per traffic rules. So, we felt we must speak to the company officials.”

Over the matter, Founder and CEO of Yulu, Amit Gupta said, Yulu bikes have been tested for all safety checks required for vehicles of this type to be on the road.

“It has been tested for all safety checks which are required for vehicles of this class. In fact, in India, no vehicle can actually be on the roads without formal certification.”

Amit Gupta also acknowledged, though Yulu Bikes are safe, there is still a requirement of several other features, like indicators or a backlight. Gupta said that the company has considered improving some features, and will be looking to include those features in the new bikes it sources from Bajaj Auto.

The founder also stated that even though Yulu bikes don’t come under the Motor Vehicle Act, the police officials are free to catch anybody who is found breaking the law. And as per company policy, anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed to ride Yulu bikes, Amit Gupta stated.

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