Pitch Deck

Every business starts with an idea.  But some ideas need funding to take the shape of a business or for its scalability.

The StartUp Lab provides startups with funding assistance. For that, you just have to share your pitch deck with us.

Even if your idea is groundbreaking, you still need to make Investors understand your startup’s worth. Hence a pitch deck is used.

If you don’t know how to create a pitch deck, we will help you. Getting investment for your business depends on how good your pitch deck is.

If your Pitch Deck cannot communicate with Investors what your business is all about, you will never get funding.

In short, a pitch deck plays an important part and cannot be ignored.

How does a convincing Pitch Deck look like?

A good pitch deck should be able to explain to the Venture Capitalist or Investor

  • What made you start your company
  • What problem your products/ services are solving
  • Size of the market your product is targeting to
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product
  • Present or past investors (if any)
  • Past Sales Figures of the product (if any)
  • Financial Forecast
  • How much fund is required
  • How will you utilize the fund
  • How much are you involved in the business

How The StartUp Lab will help you?

Time and money are the most valuable things in business. Every startup founder understands it and so does Venture capitalists.

Due to this reason, we do precise work in our pitch deck. The StartUp Lab makes sure that your vision regarding the business is conveyed to the Venture Capitalist/Investor.

Each slide in the Pitch Deck we create is easy to understand. The StartUp Lab makes sure that the Pitch Deck for your business is of impressive quality.

If you need assistance in Pitch Deck, just call us or email us.

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