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Scale Your Business With Insights From Top-Of-The-Line Research

Continous research helps provide a business with fruitful insights that help across operations, developments & workforce/skill management. Our market research companies services aim to cater to an array of goals for startups.

Following are our specific services in this domain:

A descriptive research is aimed at giving an industry overview through answers from various stakeholders like consumers, investors for startup, competitors etc. to gauge potential, idea about target consumer profiles/buyer personas and much more.This kind of research is usually indexed with the help of rigid questionnaires that are precise & calculative at TheStartupLab, we go the extra mile by inferring according to projections & various scenarios from data. It helps us set our advisory on a personalised/customisable platform (since the questionnaires are rigid).

Right from the start a business needs to familiarise itself with the kind of product desired by the market/masses. The goal of a product review is to study its desirability. This enables a widely desired start to product development for businesses that is empathetic to the consumers. Our product development research is aimed at helping create empathetically driven product/’s that connects well (with the consumers) and sells even better.

Most markets today that are open to innovation are highly competitive. This increases the pertinence of knowing customers & gaining their loyalty. Startups usually struggle and fail in this area because of increased focus on the product itself. In this era of options and ease of access, gaining customer loyalty is more dependent on branding that it ever was. TheStartupLab help place products in the minds of the right consumers through data & impactful insights.

The price of the product is determined by evaluating its supply and demand rate. If the pricing is too high, only a certain group of people will be able to access it. Market research companies startups helps to know whether or not the customers are satisfied with the current pricing of the product with the help of pricing review.

Types of Market Research Services

1.On-field Market Research Companies Services

We gain information directly from consumers with the help of our on-field market research companies team. This equips us with authentic data.

2.Customized Market Research Companies Services

We believe that every business is unique. As such, every business requires answers to specific unique questions. We employ custom research questions & methodologies that suit a range of startups. Ensuring that each set of data is qualified and so are their inferences, is an a critical task that requires a range of tests. These we entrust in the hands of able data scientists & researchers.

3.Online Market Research Companies Services

We live in an era where accessibility is largely determined by the internet. Be it websites, platfors of apps. The convenience of stakeholders in a research allows the internet to become the most effective tool for it.

Our adept team of online market researchers bear experience & expertise in picking out platforms, samples & engaging people to give accurate answers & results.

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