Kashmir gets back mobile data and broadband services

Kashmir News: Kashmir gets back 2G mobile data and broadband

Since August 5, a complete communication ban was imposed in Kashmir (no calls, no internet). The situation approached to normal when just calling restrictions were removed. But today, J&K’s administration has decided to restore broadband and mobile data services also (2G speed only).

J&K’s home department has granted internet access to only some websites. Restrictions are still imposed on social networking sites, and people can access only whitelisted sites (around 300).

A senior intelligence official said, “Last year, before 5 August, it was found that a huge chunk of radicalization was happening online. Networks are set up in Rawalpindi in Pakistan and the IP addresses cannot be tracked. These operators then reach out to the youth in Kashmir and that is how radicalization had spiked online. Even if internet services were shut down briefly during an operation, they found a way to circumvent that ban”.

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