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Every Business needs a strong foundation. Having a balance of responsibilities is what that makes a business grow.

A single person can surely run a business but a single person can never run a big business.

It is rightly said, “It is definitely necessary to have co-founder(s) to share daily chores and decision-making with. One man can never achieve the jobs of many.” — Tan Han Sing,

So, if your dream is to make your business big, having a mentor or a co-founder will help you with this dream. TheStartupLab has access to entrepreneurs and business people who can provide you with the resources you are looking for.

TheStartUpLab provides you with co-founder/mentor who shares the same vision as you.

Why having a Co-founder or Mentor will help you?

 A co-founder helps you with a perspective that you are generally not being able to discover. Same is the case with having a mentor. A mentor provides you with experience and knowledge that will take you years to gain on your own.

Benefits of having a Mentor

A mentor is someone who is where you want to beFollowing are the benefits that are guaranteed and will help you if you have a mentor,

  • Mentors give a realistic approach to achieve our goals
  • Mentors provide experience, knowledge and information that you can use in your business
  • Mentors help you in seeing things that are generally disregarded and hinders growth
  • Mentors help in both professional and personal growth

Benefits of having a Co-founder

Every human being needs support and someone to rely on. And guess what, founders are human beings too. They need support and somebody they can share their thoughts to. A co-founder, if chosen right, provides that help.

Major benefits of having a Co-founder,

  • Co-founder provides you with value that is complementary to your skillset
  • Co-founder help you to stay consistent with your vision
  • Co-founder can provide you with insights that will help to grow your business

We know that having a cofounder/ mentor adds value to your business. But still, if you are not sure, just call us or email us to know more. Setting up your business requires a lot of time and includes many legal compliance services, registration and approval. We extend professional services encompassing Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial Compliance, Reporting, Legal, Project Advisory etc.

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