EdTech Startups On the Rise With Increase In New Users And Engagement

Since the lockdown has begun, EdTech startups have seen a high demand. 

They have seen an increase in growth, in terms of new users and engagement, during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Majority of the top Edtech startups in India like Byju’s, Unacademy and Vedantu have seen unprecedented growth in traffic and now another Edtech startup ‘Toppr’ has joined the list. Toppr has seen a rapid surge in traffic during the lockdown.

Toppr is a Mumbai based Edtech startup which was ranked 8th in terms of traffic before the lockdown (till March 18th), has now grabbed the 4th position in terms of traffic post the announcement of lockdown.

As per data given by market intelligence platform SimilarWeb, for 28 days till April 29, Toppr has now grabbed the 4th position in terms of traffic.

Apart from Toppr, Edtech company BYJU’s got the 2nd position while Unacademy was ranked 5th in the same. The report showed that overall engagement has also seen an increase of 8.5% during the lockdown period.

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