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To enable Indian entrepreneurs stay on top of the business game, TheStartupLab offers a one-stop solution for auditing, taxation, administrative compliance services, reports, legal assistance, project advisory, and other professional services.

For consistent growth, a solid foundation is required by every organization. Building a business takes a long time and involves several legal procedures and requirements.

Services offered by TheStartupLab

We offer the following services –

Business Setup –

Starting a business can be simple at times, but keeping up with legal requirements is often the most challenging work for a New Business plan.

This happens because most young entrepreneurs are unaware of the legal aspects of the businesses.

Whether to register the business as a Private Limited Company, an LLP, or an OPC, appears a difficult decision for them. They begin to mull over the situation. To which regulations must they adhere? Even after deciding, startups are unaware of the legal issues. In such a scenario, TheStartupLab is the solution. We are here to assist businesses and entrepreneurs with legal issues that they may not be familiar with. [Click here – LLP Registration 

Accounting and Taxation –

By having their accounting and taxation matters handled by us, Organizations can focus on other elements of their businesses. We possess an experienced, efficient, and professional team of accounting and taxation experts that assist enterprises in filing their tax returns hassle-free.

Our top-notch services include Opportunity Diligence, Business Restructuring, Auditing and Assurance, and International Business. We understand how important tax and accounting solutions are to a company’s financial health. As a result, each member of our tax and accounting division has extensive expertise and knowledge in their respective fields.


We offer IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) solutions at TheStartupLab for businesses that don’t completely grasp the entrepreneurial ecosystem and require help protecting their intellectual property. Patent, Copyright, and Trademark can help a business to protect their IPR. Businesses submit these forms each year to safeguard their intellectual property rights, and we help entrepreneurs in that.

Registration –

TheStartupLab offers business registration services to all types of organizations and enterprises. We take away all of your register a company hassles and guides you through the procedure.

What legal assistance do we provide?

The following is a list of legal issues in which we can help you:

  • Registration of a company name
  • Annual Compliance for the First Year
  • GST and MSME registration
  • One year free consultation for startups

Why you must choose our services?

You must select us for the following reasons:

You will be guided in every stage, from naming your firm to filling out compliance forms.

  • We will provide you with a free consultation for one year
  • We are easily accessible. You may call us or mail us
  • We are confident about our work, and we would make your legal entrepreneurial journey easy
  • An expert on our team will contact you and, if necessary, provide assistance.
  • Collaborating with us guarantees that you will no longer have to be concerned about the legal aspects of your business.

One-Stop Solution For Compliance Services

Our team of experienced professionals provides a hassle-free compliance services experience to the clients. We have worked with over 500+ startups and enterprises and have guided them in their legal matters.

All you have to do now is to focus your attention on delivering excellent services to your clients. We will take care of all your compliance needs. So, contact us for a hassle-free startup compliance services experience.

Following are our specific services in this domain:

– Company Registration
LLP Filing
– Change in ROC
– Company Annual Filing
– Closure of Company
– Change in Name
– Revival of Company

– Audit
– Assurance
– Business Restructuring
– International Business
– Opportunity Diligence

– Trademark Filing
– Patent Filing
– Copyright Filing
– Design Filing

– IEC Code – Shop Establishment
– Partnership Registration
– GST Registration
– ISO Registration
– Excise Registration
– NGO /Trust Registration

– Terms & Conditions
– Litigation
– Agreements
– Privacy Policy
– Licenses

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