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Business Valuation

Business Valuation For Startups

In business, every decision is based on the finances of the company.

Business valuation provides a picture of the financial situation of your company and how much the company is presently worth.

TheStartUpLab assists businesses with their Valuation. Our Business valuation process is done in a precise manner. And you can use the valuation to grow your business accordingly.

Why Does Your Business Need a Valuation?

Business valuation is one of the business metrics that presents a realistic picture of your company in terms of capital.

You can utilize Business valuation to set realistic business goals and to improve your business performance.

In short, Business valuation will act as a performance meter and you can use it to improve your business’s state.

  • Business valuation reveals your present business state
  • Business valuation helps in structuring your business growth
  • Business valuation will help you assess your business progress
  • Business valuation helps in setting realistic business goals

How The StartupLab Will Help You in Business Valuation?

The StartupLab will provide you with Valuation of your company. For doing so, we use three main Business valuation methods

  • DCF Analysis (Discounted Cash Flow)
  • Precedent Transactions Analysis
  • Comparable Company Analysis

 DCF Analysis- DCF Analysis is done by designing a financial model ( in Excel) . In DCF, detailed work is done and analysed.

Precedent Transactions Analysis- In Precedent Transactions Analysis, Company Valuation is evaluated by comparing it with companies in the same industry, that have recently been sold or acquired.

Comparable Company Analysis- In Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) the value of a company is evaluated using the trading multiples ( EV/ EBITDA, EV/ Revenue, P/ B)  of other businesses ( of similar size and in the same industry).

TheStartUpLab makes sure that the valuation determined is broadly precise. So, if you haven’t done your business valuation, get it done by us in a detailed manner.

You can contact us to know more about our services in detail.