Bootstrapped Since The Beginning, Fitness startup FITTR Crosses Rs 100 Crore In Revenue

Fitness Social Network & Consultation Platform FITTR announced that it has crossed Rs 100 crore in gross revenue. As per FITTR, this growth in revenue is due to an increase in paid clients in FY 2019-2020.

With year-on-year growth of nearly 30%, FITTR attained an annualised revenue run rate of close to Rs 40 crore during the latest FY.

Started just as a community on Facebook, FITTR  claims to be ‘World’s Largest Fitness & Nutrition Community.’ The best part of all this is that the startup has been bootstrapped since its inception.

Talking about this achievement and also acknowledging the present COVID-19 situation, Jitendra Chouksey (Founder of FITTR) said,

“This moment of pride, however, is also one of humility and compassion. India and its citizens are facing the threat posed by the novel coronavirus outbreak that has taken the entire world by storm. In line with our commitment to making a healthier society, we resolve to contribute to the battle against this pandemic.”

Jitendra Chouksey added,

“We have already raised a relief fund of Rs 21 lakh in association with Atharvani Foundation and will continue to explore other opportunities for minimising the impact of COVID-19 on society.”  

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