Bengaluru-based startup SmarterBiz

Bengaluru Based Startup SmarterBiz Raises Pre-Series A Funding

Bengaluru-based startup SmarterBiz has raised Rs 8 crore as a part of its Pre-Series A funding round. 

The contributors for this funding round were StartupXseed Ventures, Bhaskar Pramanik, MJ Aravind, MJ Aniketh, Ravi Viswanath, Ramesh Radhakrishnan, and Ranjan Biswas

Founded by Rajesh Bernard, Vijay Krishna, and Prateek Mehta in 2014, Smarter Biz claims to be India’s first end to end CX platform enabled with gig-workforce.

Using the AI-powered SmarterBiz CX platform, customers can now remotely enable and manage the complete life cycle of the CX process across both digital and human touchpoints.

Talking about the platform and this funding round, Rajesh Bernard, CEO and Co-founder of SmarterBiz

“SmarterBiz has built a CX platform for a gig-workforce ideally suited under these COVID 19 conditions. SmarterBiz is committed to offering an omnichannel experience that elevates the experience across all customer touchpoints. We provide a competitive advantage to our customers by offering a choice between automation and manual intervention at all these touchpoints. With the investment, we plan to grow by 8X ARR this year and create more gig opportunities in the market.” 

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