[AgriTech India] Indian AgriTech Startups Use IoT, AI To Make Farming Profitable Amid COVID-19 Crisis

To keep farming profitable amid COVID-19 crisis, many Agritech startups are using technologies like AI and IoT.

As traditional supply chains got disrupted due to the nationwide lockdowns, agritech startups are using AI and IoT to let farmers connect with buyers and automate supply chains.

For this, Clover, a Bengaluru-based agritech startup, is making sure greenhouse farmers avoid financial damage while delivering fresh vegetables to kirana shops.

Agritech startup DeHaat is working 24/7 to support smallholder farmers. Helping farmers with its services in Bihar, UP, Odisha, and Jharkhand, DeHaat is offering them a one-stop solution on which crops to grow, how to grow and where to sell the grown crop under one roof in an efficient, accessible and affordable way.

Gurugram-based Bijak is also helping rural commodity traders and buyers for transition in digital commerce.

As per NASSCOM reports, every 9th Agri Tech startup in the world is from India.

India currently hosts more than 450 startups in the Agri Tech sector, whereas the global number is 3103.

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