Ghost Kitchen invests in QSR Brands and Eathos India

Ghost Kitchens invests in Ethos Group and QSR Brands India

An undisclosed amount has been invested in the Ethos Group and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Brands India by Ghost Kitchens.
Ghost Kitchens are also planning to include Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities for their scaling strategy.
The reason for investment is to help the partner restaurant brands scale up in different locations.

Ghost Kitchen is India’s first investment and incubation company in the cloud kitchen segment for startups.
Ghost Kitchen was founded by Karan Tanna and Jayendra Vandravandas Tanna.
Started with an investment in 2 cloud kitchen companies with 12 brands, they are now planning to partner with 20+ cloud kitchens across 12 cities with 300 cloud kitchen brands.

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