Funding News: Design And Animation Startup LottieFiles Raises Seed Funding

Design and animation startup LottieFiles announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round from 500 Startups and Adobe Fund for Design.

Founded by Nattu Adnan and Kshitij Minglani in 2019, LottieFiles is the creator of the animation file format dotLottie (on average smaller than a GIF by 600 %), and the animation workflow platform.

32,000+ companies including Google, Tiktok, Swiggy, and Airbnb use this platform, says Kshitij Minglani (Co-founder and CEO of Lottiefiles).

Talking about LottieFiles and problems developers face, Nattu Adnan (Co-founder and CTO) said,

“The learning curve of design and related tools is steep, and implementing interactive content across platforms is a tenuous process for developers. To counter these inefficiencies, we have made LottieFiles super intuitive and one can perform most functions across the platform without writing a single line of code.”

The company plans to use the funds for optimizing its workflow platform and R&D. Also, the company will use the funds in making the file format even more capable.

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