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Accounting/ Tax compliance

Home Accounting/ Tax compliance

Compliance is the life-blood of any startup or organisation.

Every Business needs a strong foundation. Setting up your business requires a lot of time and includes many legal compliance services, registration and approval. We extend professional services encompassing Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial Compliance, Reporting, LegalĀ , Project Advisory etc.

Following are our specific services in this domain:

– Company Registration
– LLP Filing
– Change in ROC
– Company Annual Filing
– Closure of Company
– Change in Name
– Revival of Company

– Audit
– Assurance
– Business Restructuring
– International Business
– Opportunity Diligence

– Trademark Filing
– Patent Filing
– Copyright Filing
– Design Filing

– IEC Code – Shop Establishment
– Partnership Registration
– GST Registration
– ISO Registration
– Excise Registration
– NGO /Trust Registration

– Terms & Conditions
– Litigation
– Agreements
– Privacy Policy
– Licenses

– Professional Website Development
– Single Page Web Apps
– High Performance eCommerce Website
– Hosting Solutions
– Custom Web Solutions

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