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Accounting and Taxation

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The StartUp Lab provides accounting and taxation services to businesses so that they can focus on other aspects of their business.

We have a team of accounting and taxation experts who provides assistance to businesses in the filing of their tax declarations.

The StartUp Lab also provides help in maintaining company accounts and other aspects related to it.

Our services include

  • Auditing
  • Assurance
  • Business Restructuring
  • International Business
  • Opportunity Diligence

Benefits of Auditing

Auditing refers to the process of conducting an official financial inspection of the company’s account.

It’s benefits are

  • Auditing helps in detection of errors
  • Auditing provides authenticness in government-related works.
  • The audited result helps in business improvement

Benefits of Assurance

Assurance is done to ensure the company members that the financial statements are true.

It also ensures that the procedures performed are done under appropriate policies and regulations.

  • Provides a good financial view of the company
  • Helps the management in assessing and minimizing risks

Benefits of Business Restructuring

Reasons for business restructuring determines the benefits that can be availedIn general, restructuring the business

  • Helps in reducing working finances of the company
  • Helps in taking full skill benefits of each employee
  • Helps in bettering the working conditions of the company

Benefits of International Business

Any business activity of an Indian company outside India is covered under International business.

It’s benefits are

  • Your business will have more revenue options
  • Your business will have access to more talent
  • Your company’s reputation will increase

Benefits of Opportunity Diligence

Opportunity diligence refers to the research done to see the opportunity existing in a  partnership or a financial agreement between companies.

It’s benefits are

  • Helps in protection of capital
  • Helps in making informed decisions

Why Us?

The StartUp Lab knows how much accounting and taxation services affect the financial side of a business. That’s why each employee of our accounting and taxation department is experienced and well versed in their field.

Feel free to call and discuss the services you need for your business.