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compliance is the life-blood of any startup or organisation.

Our startup accelerator initiative houses intensive two to three-month (depending on factors such as scope & team strength) programs that help accelerate growth of businesses. Our selective application process is aimed at education, mentorship, networking, and potential funding.
With a wide network of investors and experts under our belt, we provide end-to-end services right down to even equity-based investment.
Here’s what you can expect from our accelerator program:
  • Dedicated co-working space for your team to focus on educational opportunities
  • Seminars and workshops on legal counsel, pitching, product development & much more
  • Mentorship from industry experts, investors and other successful founders
  • Networking with industry leaders, investors & other startups
  • Are you ready for expert mentorship? If you have questions that only an expert can answer, it’s time for you to apply to our accelerator program.
  • Do you have a minimum viable product (MVP)?Have you evaluated your product’s performance? If you have significantly positive results to show, TheStartUpLab can be your best accelerator.
  • Do you have customers and an established customer profile?Do you know your consumer? If you do, and are willing to probe deeper into the market, this is the place to be. Deepen your consumer profiles/buyer personas with us.
Here’s what sets us apart!
  • Proof of success
  • Wide network across a range of industries
  • Agility with structures & technology

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